The Story Behind The Laboratory:

Dr. Crowl is a brilliant geneticist, who was the best in his field. In the course of his studies, he became convinced that our world is dying. Overpopulation, global warming and endless war are just a few of the problems he believed would destroy humanity. To ensure our future he developed a simple solution: rebuild the human race with only the best and the brightest. Ready to take action, he disappeared to a top secret lab over 20 years ago. He knew that if his plan was going to be a success no one could know what he was doing. Many would call him a monster. Some would understand what had to be done. None could be allowed to interfere.


Although the implications of his decision weighed heavy on his conscience, it was the only solution he was certain would work. To carry out his plan, he dedicated his life to developing a virus that infects anyone who breathes it in. Once infected, the virus remains dormant in the hosts system while it spreads to everyone with similar genetics. When the time is right, Dr Crowl will activate the virus, painlessly eliminating the infected, leaving only the best to inherit the planet.


To determine who will live, and who will die he created The Laboratory Escape Room. Here, people are tested on a wide range of skills and abilities to decide their fate. The room is built to change based on the group size and level of experience to ensure everyone is given an equal chance. Pretending to be an Escape Room gave him the perfect cover, providing an endless supply of willing volunteers. Even when people are told exactly what is happening; they assume it is all a part of the game. By the time the true purpose of The Laboratory is discovered it will be too late.

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