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The Story Behind The Laboratory:

mad scientist dr crowl

Dr. Crowl is a brilliant geneticist who was the best in his field. In the course of his studies he became convinced that our world was dying. Overpopulation, global warming and endless war were just a few of the problems he believed would destroy humanity. To ensure our future he developed a simple solution: rebuild the human race with only the best and the brightest. Ready to take action, he disappeared to a top secret lab over 20 years ago.

Today his plan is complete. Dr Crowl had developed a special gas masterfully created to alter a subjects genetics. The infected appear to be normal on the surface, but in the background the virus is growing; spreading to anyone with similar genetics. When the time is right, Dr Crowl will activate the virus, painlessly eliminating the infected, leaving only the best to inherit the planet.

To determine who will live and who will die he created The Laboratory. Pretending to be an escape room gave him the perfect cover, providing an endless supply of willing volunteers. Even when people are told exactly what is happening; they assume it is all a part of the game. By the time the true purpose of The Laboratory is discovered it will be too late.

flasks for a scienc experiment
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