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The Laboratory Offers...

Corporate Events

Private Bookings

Increased Difficulty 

Off Hour Bookings

We offer team building specially built for small teams of 10 or less. We have perfected our experience to bring players closer together and form a lasting bond. Your team members will be grateful for weeks to come!

Don't want to play with other people? Private bookings are available free of charge for groups of 5 or more, or for an additional fee for smaller groups. Just make sure to select private booking on the booking page! 

We offer an increased difficulty mode, where the number of puzzles in the room are increased. Be warned! This will make the room much more difficult. To get this setting, you need 6 or less people. Just ask for it upon arrival! 

Don't see the time slot you want on the booking page? Give us a call or send an email. We are happy to open early or to stay open late. We understand not everyone has the same schedule and we are happy to accommodate. 

Contact us: (213) 835-7853 or

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