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All of the puzzles in the laboratory escape room

The Laboratory

Escape Room

Fun Is Calling

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This Escape Room Is A Special Place.

It will take you on an adventure to an exciting new world where you’ll race against the clock to solve puzzles and complete your mission before time runs out. So we invite you to join us, escape to...

A bomb in an escape room being disarmed

The Mad Scientist

You find yourself trapped in a strange lab belonging to the mad scientist Dr Crowl. As you search the room, you quickly notice a bomb and a timer counting down. You also see several peculiar objects. Some you recognize, like the 3D printer pen, the burning laser or the vat of slime. Others you have no idea. They must be the key to survival, but can you figure it out in time? 

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Difficulty: Medium

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Players:  2 - 10

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Time:  60 Minutes

Locks Skulls and The Puzzle Map
3D printer pen puzzle and locks
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International Escape Room Award
Escape Rumors International Award for Best Puzzles

"Loved this place, best puzzles - best room ever. Seriously do this room it's worth every penny and every minute. I've done 70+ rooms in LA and this one was my absolute favorite. The owner/creator is a genius. I can't wait for him to make more."

Daisy W. Yelp

"The creativity and attention to detail in this escape room was astounding! It was crystal clear that there was immense effort put into creating the ultimate escape room experience."


– Micah R. Yelp

"This place is unlike any of the other escape rooms I have ever done and it's probably my favorite so far. The puzzles were super unique and fun. If there were more rooms I would definitely be back! Anyone looking for a step up from a normal escape room experience should for sure try this place!"

– Nicole B. Google

"Where do I start?! This was the BEST escape room EVER! From the time I walked in until...well now I can't stop raving about this place. The reviews are very accurate. I love how the room was set up… I highly recommend this place hands down."

– Kindra S. Yelp

"This was one of my favorite escape rooms in all of Los Angeles and trust me I've done dozens. This was challenging, creative and different in the best possible ways. The laboratory escape room does something different that most escape rooms cannot accomplish, it's use of it's puzzles. I would give this 6 stars if I could."

 Scotty W. Google

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